5 Web Design Tips for Your Small Business

By now most small businesses have realized the importance and need for a website, as so many purchasing decisions are made based on the information consumers gather online. Up to 97% according to some studies. Having a web design for your small business is great, but the question then becomes, “How do I get my site to WORK for me?”


There’s a lot of information and mis-information floating around out there. It can be overwhelming and frustrating for a small business owner. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) This post will breakdown some of the most important things to keep in mind. It lays out 5 web design tips for your small business that are easy to follow and put into action.


1. Identify your target audience.


This really is the most important things for your website, or any other marketing and advertising you do for that matter. Knowing your ideal customers and designing your site with them in mind, will be the #1 things that makes your site successful. Need help identifying your ideal customers check THIS out.


2. Keep It Simple.


Some people will try to convince you that you need flash, music and other complex items on your site. Don’t fall for it! Clean, simple, easy to read and easy to navigate are the ways to go.


3. Speak to your target in a way they’ll understand.


Now that you know who your target customers are, speak to them in their terms. Lay off of the technical jargon and packing the copy on your site with industry feature speak. Your customers really just want to know how your business can benefit THEM!


4. Include a call-to-action.


You have potential customers on your website now. You need to decide what you want them to do next. If you want them to call you, tell them and have your number prominently featured. Selling right on your site? Make it as easy as possible for them to make the purchase with a “Buy Now” button and a convenient checkout.


5. Keep It Pithy.


Don’t go on a long-winded explanation in your body copy. The truth is: nowadays people scan websites. If they can’t easily find the information they’re looking for, or they have to read a few long paragraphs before getting to it, chances are, they’ll leave your site and look elsewhere.



Following these 5 web design tips will ensure your small business website is helpful and informational. And your website won’t just be sitting there on a shelf, but it’ll grow legs and get out there to drive sales for you!


If you’re still looking for help with designing a great-looking and marketing-smart website for your business, I’m happy to assist you!

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