The Responsive Web Design Benefits for Small Business

Time and technology are always changing. Walking down the street or sitting in your favorite restaurant, people are increasingly on their smartphones. We’ve all noticed right? Sometimes even to our annoyance. The question is: has your business?

People aren’t just accessing the web via a desktop computer anymore. Increasing numbers are doing so from many different platforms and screen sizes. So it stands to reason your business’s website should function properly across multiple platforms.

It might seem overwhelming to worry about getting your website working on all platforms, but that’s where responsive web design comes in. Responsive design allows your site to look and work properly across all platforms.


There are several benefits of having a small business responsive web design:


No need for a separate stand-alone mobile site.

It takes less time only creating one website, not to mention it’s easier to update one as opposed to two.


A responsive site is more user-friendly.

Have you ever visited an older website that looks almost silly on a large computer monitor and is functionally useless on a smartphone? It’s frustrating if you can’t read or use the menu links, so you just abandon the site and go elsewhere. (If that’s your business’s website, you’re losing business)


A greater audience reach.

As mobile device usage continues to increase, you’ll be able to connect with those users. You won’t lose out to a competitor who’s already using a responsive site.


Search engines prefer it.

By being responsive and user friendly you’ll keep Google and other search engines happy. Their algorithms are set up to rank mobile-friendly sites higher. And while they don’t explicitly say it but they imply it.


Responsive web design keeps your small business ahead of or at least in line with new technology. The future only holds more mobile devices. A responsive website is key to keeping your current and potential customers happy and it keeps you ahead of many of your competitors.


If you need help getting a responsive website for you or your business I’d love to help.

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