Website Design for Authors

Crafting websites and branding for authors that build authority,
convert visitors into sales, AND look good.

A Successful Author Needs a Strong Online Presence

But sometimes there are problems…

Does your author website struggle with any of the following:

Lack of visibility in search engine rankings

Poor website design that doesn’t attract customers

Unclear navigation structure

Your messaging is not catchy or simple to understand

No compelling calls to action to guide your visitors to the next steps

It does not target the people whom you want to do business with

Slow loading times

Outdated content

No mobile optimization for mobile users

Lack of interactive elements such as videos and pictures.

Was it a DIY project that no longer serves your needs

We know how important it is for writers to look professional and reliable – that’s why I use a strong foundation of strategy & messaging to create a visually stunning design that’ll make your business’s online presence stand out from the rest. Let’s partner together.


It’s my goal to craft a website for your writing business that brings in high-quality leads, stands out from the crowd, and becomes your 24/7 sales system.

Featured Project

Joe Loughran – Author

I worked with Joe Loughran prior to the launch of his first fiction book. He required branding and a website that could stand as his home base and keep readers informed.

How can you make your author website the main channel of how prospects find your solutions?


In this day and age, a website can be the most valuable asset for the growth of your business. But, just having a modern-looking website is not going to be enough.

A properly designed and successful website will help your business get more sales, land higher quality projects, and solve your prospect’s real-world problems by providing value and helping them with your solution.

Ultimately, your website should focus on…

Attracting new customers and standing out among your competitors

How Can Your Author Website Create Value or Help Prospects?

Make it easy for visitors to become leads with prominent contact forms and CTAs

Highlight your experience and display awesome reviews & testimonial’s from your customers

Differentiating your business from your competitors

Attract more traffic and convert them into customers through search engines and content marketing

Have resources available to help potential customers research their options

Increase brand visibility and recognition

Attract customers through engaging design and content

Establish trust with potential customers

Simplify navigation to quickly guide people toward their desired page

Compatible with both desktop and mobile users

Don’t settle for a poor-performing website for your business that will cost you more time and money in the end.

Let me craft a marketing smart, well-designed website that will help your writing business have a strong web presence and grow successfully.


"Kelli Koladish Design has been there for my company since day one. From designing my website and business cards, to becoming the Creative Director of my magazine, she's my go-to for every marketing and design decision I make. I can't recommend her enough!"

John Dubosky

"Another outstanding design - thanks a lot Kelli! Great communications. Super responsive. Modifications and tweaks are sent back very quick. Highly recommended!!!"

Oliver Schmalholz

"Kelli is an incredibly creative, talented, and detail oriented individual. Kelli is self motivated and gets work done in a timely manner. She truly knows how to make businesses stand out while remaining on brand. Kelli will truly help you to reach your target audience!"

Dominique Murray


Frequently Asked

How long with this take?

I usually take on 1-3 new projects a month. And I typically book 4-6 weeks out. From the time we have our kick-off call and we gather everything we need sites are typically live in 4-6 weeks.

Do you handle hosting?

I’m not a hosting provider, but I’m happy to guide you in choosing the best host for your website’s needs.

Do you generate the content for my site?

This, by far, is one of the most important questions you can ask when hiring the right web designer. You need more than a good-looking site. You need one that connects and converts your audience. While I’ll gladly use the content you’ve already compiled, I send informational questionnaires and copy prompts for you to complete as part of my process. Those will guide me in writing copy that will get you the results you’re looking for.

Will my site look good on mobile?

Absolutely! All of the sites I design are mobile responsive. I take great care to ensure the designs are both aesthetically pleasing and that the user experience is great across all devices.

Do you do SEO?

I DO build SEO-friendly websites in terms of page structure, linking, redirects, breadcrumbs, and helping Google understand your site. I incorporate the Yoast SEO plugin into the site which allows you to define page titles and meta descriptions and perform SEO analysis on each page and post on your site.

But I DON'T provide SEO as a service (such as figuring out what keyword phrases you want to rank for and integrating those into your website’s content—I can recommend some great SEO consultants if you wish to find help with this).

What does the payment schedule look like?

I require a 1/3rd non-refundable deposit and a signed contract to reserve your start date on the calendar. 1/3rd on design review, and the final 1/3rd on launch. If other arrangements need to be made, just ask!

What will I need to get started?

You can fill out the form above and you'll receive my service guide and the next steps for scheduling your discovery call and completing the design intake questionnaires

Want to Work Together?